Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Goals?

Hello Christmas Stitchers.....

I just wanted to check in to see how everyone was doing on their January stitching goals.  I've heard many of you say you are going to stitch at least one ornament a month. 

It is hard to believe that January is over.  So..............................Did you stitch that ornament for January.
We'd love to see it. 

I hope that everyone in the Midwest is hunkered down for the Winter storm in our midst. 
Maybe the snow will put you in a Christmas stitchin' mood :-)
Be safe and stay warm,


Charlene ♥ SC said...

I did stitch one, but haven't finished for posting...

Babs in Alabama said...

I didn't, but brought the new one from LHN home yesterday and will start it today. Maybe two in February...especially since it's the shortest month, lol.

Fiona said...

I have one stitched, but not finished. Also have my ornament picked for February.