Saturday, August 13, 2011

Augusts ornament....

***Merry Heart***
Shepards Bush
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36 ct linen from basket

I got busy this month and got my ornament finish in early..

Happy stitching everyone,


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Noel Quadrielle by The Sweetheart Tree

Hi All Stitch and Christmas Lovers!

Thanks for letting me play with you on this great blog. I have finally a finished Christmas stitch to share - these pics are even going onto the AYL Xmas SAL blog before "my own" blog (which is One Stitch Closer to Nirvana, please come and visit anytime - PR - I know, I am shameless...).

This piece is the Noel Quadrielle by Sweetheart Tree. I fell in love with pretty much all the TST quadrielles, but this one was the first (and so far only) one I have stitched.
It comes as a kit with pretty much everything you need, except for the streamers. The instructions are pretty good, so most any level of stitcher should be able to finish it, with just a pinch of patience and daring.
I was a bit surprised that I ran out of one type of beads, but it was the creme ones, so I substituted the missing ones from my stash (not a match, but I doubt that anyone can tell...)
Well, I'd better stop babbling and just give you the pics, LOL! Here we go:

Merry Christmas Everyone!