Thursday, April 7, 2011

There's a reason I'm late....kinda...

I know many of you are probably wondering why I signed up for this wonderful blog when all I have managed is a January ornament~~....Well, I have very good intentions and actually have had my Feb and March stitching done.. But, I wanted the perfect trim...  So, here is February's ornament..
I had stitched up this pattern by L'R de rien back at the end of December....And, when Nancy of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe came out with  her hand dyed chenille's, I knew I had to order some and use it on my ornament,,,,

So much that I decided to stitch it again!!!

And, yes, you will see a "10" in the top left corner of each ornament....Since my MIL passed away in 2010, and I want each of my sons to have these ornaments one day, I put "10" on each ornament as a way of honoring her and her love for Christamas.... She would have loved these ornaments also, as she was oh so fond of anything with a redbird on it!!

Well, I promise to not make my April ornament as late as these were....Happy stitching everyone!!



Michele said...

I love your ornaments! and the trim is perfect :) I'm going to be ordering some come payday :) you wicked enabler you! lol

Nan said...

WICKED ENABLER indeed! I have been eyeing all of her trim. I keep telling myself NO but I feel the restraints weakening. LOL!
Don't feel bad about your "lack" of posts. I don't think I've had anything Christmas to share since January. Its not the quantity, its the quality and you definitely have that down to a science.

Karen said...

Great finishes Faye! I LOVE her trims, i have a couple and just ordered some a few minutes ago with her sale going on. :) Her rick rack is awesome too! very soft and so easy to work with and great colors.
I still have to do a March ornament let alone myApril one. LOL

Fiona said...

Your ornaments are very pretty. I'm in love with the trims too, andd am trying to resist ordering more at the moment. What a lovely way of remembering your MIL.

Babs in Alabama said...

Faye, I didn't see your post here about Nancy until I'd already posted this morning. You are the one who enabled me to go to her when I read your blog. Thank you so much and I've already ordered from her twice! I love your ornament and the chenille was worth waiting for.